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Self-adhesive Quote - Hero dad/black


Our eye-cathching and self-adhesive quotes can be sticked onto virtually every sleek and dust free surface, such as: walls, curboards, mirrors, ... The quote is presented on an A5 card and comes with extra installation instructions to guide you for a perfect application. Our 'sticky' quotes are an original and functional gift idea for any occasion or is just fun to buy to personalize your own space at home.

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Goegezegd quotes are made from high quality UV-resistant acrylate. This guarantees that their color will stay stable and won't fade over time. During production we apply a self-adhesive backing. This sticky layer has just the right amount of tackiness in order to hang the quote just like a sticker on any flat and sleek surface. Our quotes are easily removed from painted walls without causing damage and can be repositioned a couple of times. Just keep in mind that rough, highly textured, porous and dusty walls are the enemy.

  • Text size: 100pt (+/-30mm)
  • Width: 3mm
  • Weight: 20 gram
  • Card size: A5
  • Color: black

Installing the quote is very easy! Just peel the quote carefully from the card, position the quote onto the chosen surface, press briefly for a good hold and you're done! Do make sure that your chosen surface is sleek, dust-free & oil-free before applying the quote! When removing the quote, slowly remove the quote bit by bit and don't apply too much pressure when peeling the quote off from the surface to avoid breaking it.